Thursday, July 21, 2005

Getting Back Into It

I can't believe I'm actually posting again. Yay me. I wish I could believe it's because I'm determined to keep up and be a writer again. But I have to admit it's probably because everything is so slow on my job that I have nothing else to do. Whatever - at least I'm writing.

Boy, we've really been going through a heat wave here in the US. The Weather Service in New York hadn't officially called it a heat wave, because it's supposed to be three days over 90-something before it's classified. But the humidity has been so God-awful, I don't care what they want to call it. I'm calling it a heat wave. Today is less humid, but tomorrow will be worse again. Can I please move to Alaska?

I'd put this under Knitting Content, but I think it really refers more to human interactions than knitting. Our knitting group here at work meets on Mondays and Thursdays at lunch. We have a constant group of 4 or 5, and a few stragglers that come once in a while. For the most part we have a good time, and everyone gets along. But we have one member who's become a pain in the ass. She's very opinionated, and doesn't mind sharing that fact. She says things that are facetious and annoying, and doesn't have a clue that people are annoyed. And then she will ask one of us (not at the group meeting) why so-and-so seems to be out of sorts. Can't you just throttle someone like that? She's so oblivious that she is annoying. Most of us don't want to make her feel encouraged to quit the group, because we think it's great to be very diversified. But a lot of times I feel like I'm walking on eggs trying not to react, trying to smooth things over. Is it really worth it for us to let her think we all like her, that we all get along?

Knittting Content & Commentary

I'm slowly coming to the finish of my green baby outfit. The hat is almost finished, and I hope to sew up the sweater tonight. Then I can get back to my Maddy Laine designed Flower Boxes cotton sweater. I'm really hoping to wear it this year.

Cruising the blogs today, I came across the Butterfly Cardigan again. A lot of people were knitting it last year. But let me tell you, in my opinion (and that's the one that counts here), it's an ugly sweater. I think people mostly decided to knit it based on the fact that an admired blogger was knitting it. Come on people, get over it! Stop being such sheep! It's just a downright ugly sweater. Just because "(blogger)" made it, doesn't make it pretty. To spend so much money on Noro yarn to make an ugly sweater is just beyond my comprehension.


I'm still reading Stone of Farewell. Yes, I'm a slow reader. But my copy of Harry Potter came in the mail yesterday, so I feel like I should hurry up and finish Stone. I'll read the third book in the trilogy after Harry. Now look who's a sheep!

That's it, I'm done. I lost part of my post, and I don't want to type it again. Later.

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