Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday Ramblings

Whatever happened to the LaceForAllSeasons Yahoo Group? I was a member of that group since the beginning, and suddenly I stopped getting my group emails and when I tried to log in at the group site to find out why, the group doesn't seem to exist any more. Strange.

I've finally managed to upload a picture of the Esprit tank top I've been knitting:

I like this yarn, it's fluffy and stretchy and just plain fun. The variegated black, white, gray, and pink reminds me so much of my teenage years (which decade that was, I won't admit). It's hard to see in the picture, but the bottom band is garter, while the rest is stockinette. And there's very subtle shaping done by switching needles. I started with a 10, went to a 7 and am knitting up to the top band with a 9. This is what the pattern calls for. Well, actually the pattern calls for needles in just slighly different sizes, but these are what I had. Oh well. We all improvise sometimes.

This is a photo of the free Elann pattern designed especially for this yarn. It's the darndest pattern I've ever seen. You knit up a rectangle (actually 2), and then the bodice is knit separately in one piece, then attached, I don't know how yet. It should be interesting. But I'm not knitting too much on this right now, because my attention is mostly riveted to my Hanging Garden Shawl. I just pick this up every now and then when I need a break.

I won't show any more pictures right now of the shawl. It still looks the same, just a little bit longer. But I'm really having a ball knitting the HGS. I love the yarn so much, I just wish I could knit faster!

Hopefully, our heat wave is going to break tonight. It's just been a sauna here in New York. Who ever thought I'd be grateful for 80's temperatures?

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