Thursday, October 30, 2008

365 - Day 14

As I attached my camera this morning to the computer to upload new pictures, I found the battery had died. I couldn't get any new pictures off the darn thing. So I have to fall back on a picture I had on file.

This is a small part of my collection of little china pigs. Many years ago I came across a magazine ad for the "Pig of the Month" club. I couldn't believe there actually was such a thing. So of course I had to join it. I got a pig a month, and ended up with about 15 of them. I have the cuties you see here, I have some glass ones, a couple of heavy metal (no, not as in the rock group kind, just metal that is heavy!), even a couple of cloisonne. My friends at work laughed at my obsession, but they also waited expectantly to see what I got this month.

It was great fun collecting them. Each one cost about $30, so it wasn't what you'd call a cheap hobby. I finished the collection, and they gave me the shelf for the pigs. Call me nuts, but they make me happy.

I also have other little pig statuettes that make me smile. They make my husband shake his head. I should have taken a picture of them with something to compare their size. Always good for another photo.


I read a novel last year that was based on finding a crystal skull, and all the intrigue and legend that went with it. It sparked my interest, so I found a non-fiction book, "The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls" by Morton & Thomas. There are real crystal skulls, and a real legend. This is what I'm reading right now, and finding it pretty interesting. I don't often read non-fiction, but this one is pretty good.


I'm not knitting a heck of a lot right now. The movement seems to irritate my shingles, and more irritation I don't need. My knitting is definitely suffering from this disease. But my body is suffering more. Half the time I'm itchy, the other half I'm stinging, and then throw in the mysterious pains that shoot across my skin. It's just lovely. And I have a couple of more weeks to look forward to. Grrrrrrrrr.

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