Sunday, November 02, 2008

365 Day 16

I finally finished the blanket I was test-knitting for my friend Sammy. All ends sewn in and everything. It's always a good feeling once something is totally done. I don't know why I don't finish more things.

This is a very pretty design. I just wish I could get the pictures better. This is not the true color, just the closest I could get. It's really a dark teal. Here's a shot of the rosettes:

Again, the color is off. But the design is really pretty. Check out Sammy over at Ravelry.

I have a vest that's almost complete, except for blocking and a button band. I should work on that next. I'm also swatching for another sweater for myself. And I have a couple of babies on the way that have to be knitted for.

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Karen said...

That blanket is lovely! I usually get better results taking up close pictures when I put my camera on the "flower" setting. If your has a setting for flowers, try that.