Monday, April 18, 2005

Wow! I'm a Blogger!

I can't believe I've finally joined the 21st Century and started a Blog. I have no intention of telling anyone I know that this even exists. First I have to see how I like it and whether I'm interesting at all. If I'm not interesting to me, why the heck would anyone else read me???

OK, so now what? Talk about what I do? OK, I work as an Administrative Assistant. I often don't have enough work to do, so I read blogs. I'm not telling my age, but I will say I'm female. I love to read, and read such pithy things as Stephen King novels. Once in a while I'll read some good old classic. I also love to knit. Maybe this can become a knitting blog, but I'm not sure. I don't have a digital camera, and people like to see pictures of the knitting work, so it would just be boring. And I'm pretty sure no one is interested in my limited opinions, so really, why the heck do I want a Blog? I don't know. I guess just because it seems like everyone is doing it.

Anyway, this is pretty much an experiment to see how things go. I won't pass judgement or make a decision right now. I'll just hang for a bit.

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