Wednesday, July 06, 2005

And Boredom Set In...........

Yes, I see now how people get very bored with blogging. Finding something to say every single damn day is a struggle. Also, not having people read what you're putting down makes it easy to skip out of doing it. Not that I'm ready to tell people I'm blogging. That's going to take some doing. I'm afraid someone (anyone!) will tell me I'm just a boring person and have no business trying to blog. But on the other hand, I'm thinking if anyone was reading it, I might just feel responsible to write more. What a conundrum.

Knitting Content

I've started new knitting. Not that I've finished anything, mind you. I have 20 rows (1 repeat) of a lace scarf done. I became interested in the Yahoo group Summer of Lace and just wanted in on it. I'm not sure why, because I still have all this other stuff on the needles.

Anyway, I believe it's called Gothic Lace, and I'm using Jaggerspun merino in a plum color. It gets knitted halfway, then knit another half & join them with kitchener. Lace has a learning curve, but I think I've doing pretty well. The only trick will be to try not to put it down for months and thereby forget what the heck I was doing anyway.

The green baby sweater is coming along nicely. I've finished the body, sleeves, collar and one of the button bands. The hat has also been started and it's on resting needles until I finish the button bands and sew the sleeves in. This person is having their baby in about two weeks, but it's not such a big deal if they get it a little late. As long as it's finished before September, when they go back to Germany.

Reading Content

I'm reading this really interesting fantasy novel by Tad Williams: The Dragonbone Chair - book one of a trilogy called "Memory, Sorrow and Thorn". It's so interesting, I've ordered the other two books already, since I'm almost done. I've never read him before, and I find he's a good writer. He really makes no bones about the fact that it's styled after the Lord of the Rings. I don't mind that at all.

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