Wednesday, May 18, 2005

It was predictable.........

It was predictable, wasn't it? Starting a blog and not keeping up with it. I wonder if there's a statistic on how many blogs are started and then abandoned. I really did intend to post every day. But that seems to be a pattern of mine: get excited about a project, have great intentions, make a grand effort to begin with, fade into paltry, forget about it. What is it, lack of personal discipline? Not knowing which things are really within my own abilities to sustain?

That's how my writing career went too. A college professor I once had explained this pretty well: there are the real things you want to do/be, and then there are the fantasy things you want to do/be. It's just hard figuring out which is real.

As far as my writing, most people who teach writing say if you really wanted to be doing it, you would be - not just saying 'I wish I could write', or 'if I only had the time'. I've been trying to make peace with that. And it's been a long time since I started a project, no less finished one.

As far as my knitting, I've accepted the fact that I get excited about new projects and then put them on the back burner. It's called Startitis. But at least I do finish some projects.

Blogging? Maybe just another nifty new thing that's exciting for a while and I'll put that on the back burner too. Only time will tell.

Knitting Content

I sent the baby sweater, hat & booties to the attorney it was intended for. She had a boy, so the denim color I used was perfect. She just loved it. Says the baby will probably wear it in the fall. Now I've started another baby set for another attorney whose wife is having their baby in July. Not much time! I've chosen a Dale pattern (#15201, Dalegarn #152) and am using Stork cotton in a lovely pale green. It has such a soft hand, but I haven't been using fingering yarn lately, and the needles are size 2 mm (US 0). My poor fingers are cramping. So I've put my husband's sweater aside until after this is finished. And I'm not gonna mention how many other things I've put aside!

Reading Content

I finished book # V in the Dark Tower series, and am about half way through book # VI. For anyone who hasn't read these yet, S. King has really put some surprises in them. I'm not lettin' the cat out of the bag! I hope the VIIth book is published soon in trade paperback (didn't buy any of the hard covers for this set), I don't know how long I can wait to get to the finish and find out what happens to who, and everything else.

Writing Content

There ain't none, except what you see here.

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