Monday, October 31, 2005


Happy Freakin Hallowe'en, all.

I bought a little white t-shirt that has tiny skull & crossbones all over, and I'm wearing it (at work) under a long sleeve button-down shirt. Not too many people have realized it's a Hallowe'en design. Perfect for work. Just my little way of staying in the spirit, even if I have to work in the corporate world on a fun day.

A girl that sits near me is wearing a long black skirt, black blouse, striped long socks, witch shoes, and a long black wig. (She's usually blond, so it's really noticeable) Really, the only thing that isn't appropriate for the office is the striped socks. There's another woman here who wears wigs all the time, so the supervisor can't say anything. It's hysterical how many double-takes she gets. So I don't feel at all bad about my little skull-shirt.

Knitting took a back seat most of the weekend. Saturday was cleaning day, Sat. night a Christening party, Sunday was getting-over-the-party day, and last night I was just plain damn tired. I did knit a coupl of rows on the sleeves after DH went to bed, but was too tired to go any further. I'm not worried, there's not so much left to do, so I know I'll have it done before Christmas.

My diet isn't going so well. Oops, I forgot, it's not a diet, it's a program for life. Sheesh. I had to go looking for an outfit to wear to the party, and got so depressed each time I had to undress for the mirror. Pants just don't fit me right, and skirts are not much better. I settled for buying a top that was pretty and pairing it up with pants I already had that fit me OK. Seeing myself (again) in that shape, gave me new resolve to try to get with the program. Until today, when someone down the hall put out a big bowl of candy. Ughhh. I do love me some candy.

I try to accept the fact that I can start over again tomorrow, but then I get hungry all over again. I'm thinking the only thing that can keep me away from the sweets may be going to OA. Technically, I'm not really overweight, but I've got a big gut. That's what has to go.

Well, enjoy the candy, all. Happy Boo Day.

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