Tuesday, October 18, 2005

From Socks to Fright

It was All About Socks

Last Tuesday night I couldn't resist temptation and went on ahead with the basketweave sock. It's two-color, you know. The main color is lime green, and after the cuff the basketweave pattern starts with the contrasting color. Which I've chosen to be forest green. It's an 8-row pattern repeat, and I've finished the basketweave, gone and turned the (dark green) heel, switched back to the light green, and finished up the gusset. Sometimes I find socks really boring, but with this color pattern it was fun.

I'm now on the foot, which is all lime green. I've finally put it onto one long circular and put away the dpns temporarily. I find the 'magic loop' method so much quicker than dpns. Once I get the lenght I need, I'll go back to the dpns to finish up the toe.

I have no idea who would wear such a sock, so I guess they'll be for me. Hey - I don't have a problem with lime green.

On to the Fright

Yesterday my daughter & two grands took me to Six Flags for the Fright Fest. It's been 10 years since I went there, and never to the Fright Fest. I didn't know what I was missing - we had a great time.

First of all, they conned me into going on the Runaway Train. From the outside, you can't see all the scary stuff, so it just looks like a nice little train ride. I should have known better. Once the 'train' began the ascent to the first drop, I said to GD#1, who had the pleasure of sitting with me, "This looks like a roller coaster to me." To which she replied, "Oh no, wait, you'll see." Well folks, you can guess the rest. Let's just say that my GD was laughing so hard at me screaming my lungs out that she was crying and nearly peed her pants. She said no matter what else happened, I had made her day.

Then we waited nearly 3 hours on a line to get onto the Scary Hay Ride, which lasted all of 10 minutes, with dressed up ghouls who jumped onto the truck with chain saws and bloody faces and all kinds of explosions. It wasn't nearly as scary as the nice little train ride I took.

The park was nearly closing, so they took me on Skull Mountain. How gullible can I be? And then we walked around for awhile so my daugher could get scared by all the creepy monsters walking around.

All in all, it was a great day. I haven't been on a roller coaster in lots of years, and this was a treat for them, and not so bad for me. I think I'll go again.

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