Monday, October 10, 2005

To Tell or Not to Tell.....

How long do you think a person should wait before telling anyone she has a blog? I'd like to have readers, but I'm nervous about people I personally know thinking I'm a dork. I sort of thought someone (or more than one someone) would just find my blog somehow, and become a faithful reader, and so I'd remain anonymous. If people I know, know that I have a blog, I'll set myself up for personal criticism. If my reader(s) don't actually know who I am, it's not really personal, right? (I just can't take personal criticism) Does that make any sense?

Stolen Content

Iris over in Brooklyn has a cute thing on her blog today, and so I decided to follow her lead and typed into Google "Mary Needs." Here's some of what it came up with:

(These actually came up in Google)
Mary needs prayers
Mary needs a little consistency
Mary needs opportunities to play and experience movement in a variety of positions (positions??)
Mary needs to be freed from all this
Mary needs to be “great” and “public”
Mary needs to learn that clever rhymes are no substitute for a treatment program
Mary needs to see a doctor
Mary needs a great deal of assistance (Do we sense a pattern here?)
Mary's hair also needs some attention
Mary needs nebulising (how do they know this?)
Mary needs a booster shot
Mary needs all the help we can give her
Mary needs to get her ass into the barrel


That was fun.

Knitting Re-visited

So I bought myself this little digital camera. And I'm taking a few pictures of my finished knitting. But now I have to learn just how to put those pictures into the blog. Can it really be that hard? Probably not. Except for one thing: it doesn't just do it by itself.

See, I have this habit. I decide to get interested in something, buy the equipment, have the attachments and books that tell me 'how', but don't read anything. It's kind of like - if I have the information it will somehow just happen. Like - maybe the camera manual will tell the computer (without any help from moi) just what to do and how to do it. Like osmosis or something.

As for actual knitting, I did finish a little pair of child's socks. And I did finish a baby poncho. And I took pictures. One of these days (I swear) I will attempt to post the pictures.

Right now I'm concentrating on finishing up the gray sweater for Hubby. I want to give it to him for Christmas, and so far it's still a surprise. I don't know how much of a surprise it will be after I measure his arms, but I'll still try to hide it from him. He's so hard to surprise, I just want to do it this once.

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