Sunday, January 29, 2006

Better Pictures

I've gotten a better picture of the Basketweave Socks I finished. I think this shows them off better. I'm rather proud of them. I have more pictures, but I think this shows them the best. And after all, just how many picture of the same socks do you want anyway?

And here's the Furry Scarf & Hat set on the granddaugher I made them for. She really does love them. And it looks like I couldn't have picked a better color. Below is a picture of the hot pink one I started for her older sister. That's approximately 14 " of scarf there. But I think it's way too wide. It's only 40 stitches, but looks a lot wider I guess because I'm using size 10 needles. I believe the needle size is OK, but I'm going to rip it out and start over with 30 stitches. The girl is 15, and the wide scarf just won't cut it. But I have to hurry it up - her B'day is the end of Feb.

I finally decided I'm going to use the Wendy yarn to knit the baby layette for my future GD, and I bought what I needed. But I started the edge of the cardigan, and I'm not happy with the way it's coming out. Another rip-out. I have a feeling I might have a Snuggly purchase in my future. I did like that yarn better, but the extra price held me back. Ah, what the heck, if I'm not happy with what I'm knitting, I should just go ahead and spend the bucks.

But now I'm stuck with a whole load of Wendy. Who am I kidding? When did a knitter ever cry about having too much yarn. I'm sure I'll find something to use it for. But I do have to make my mind up soon about whether to purchase different yarn.

I'm on vacation this week, so who knows when I'll post again. We're off to Bally's AC tomorrow, so wish me luck. I didn't win the Lotto, so maybe I'll win something in the slots. Hah!

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