Thursday, January 26, 2006

Picture Failure


Last night I took a picture of the furry scarf I'm working on. But the camera said "memory card full", and in disgust I put the camera aside and didn't do anything else about it. You can see I'm easily frustrated.

But I finished the first skein of fur, and so far the scarf is about 14 inches long. I am mucho optimistic that this baby will be done for GD's birthday. If I finish it relatively soon, I'd like to make fingerless gloves to go with it. I really think she'll like that.

My fickle mind is now questioning whether I really need to buy all that Snuggly (layette will take 12 balls), or if I can get away with the Wendy. The little sweater I knitted with the Wendy is a kind of drapey fabric, but then again, it called for a size US6 needle. I think I'll try a smaller needle & knit up maybe some booties and see how I like the fabric.

If this keeps up, I won't have a sweater set by May.

I've almost finished the cute little basketweavey hat I knit up with the Snuggly (techically, it's not basketweave, I just don't know what to call it) . Just have to cast off, sew up the neckband & find a couple of buttons. If I get over my frustration with the camera, I'll post a picture of that too.

One day I'd like to get back to some of my more 'serious' knitting. Whatever 'serious' is. The Seascape shawl I started last summer watches me from her nest atop the hope chest, but I'm ignoring her right now. That's something that needs my concentration, and I don't think I have that much of it right now, judging by my fickleness with the baby yarn.


I've just finished a Gail Godwin novel, The Good Husband. I've never read Godwin before, and I was very surprised at my range of emotions while reading it. First I hated most of the characters, as pompous literary types. Then I caught onto how all the characters, each in turn, assumed they knew what each of the others thought or meant by what they said or did -- even though their assumptions were wrong. What a catalogue of human beings not paying attention to each other. I'm glad I read it.

But now I'm going back to fantasy; I'm going to start Narnia, all the stories in one huge book. One good thing about a book like this: if I get bored with it, I can leave it after finishing a story & go on to something else and come back when I'm ready.

Blog Ring

I never heard anything from the Knitting Bloggers ringmaster, as to whether they accepted me. So I've taken that silly box off the top of my blog. Maybe I'll try again after I learn more about managing the stuff in my blog.

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