Monday, January 09, 2006

A New Start

With the start of the personal change season, I've joined the National Body Challenge. I'm not even seriously overweight, I just have my weight pooling in the wrong places. So joining the NBC allows you to get 8 free weeks at a Bally gym.

I've never used any kind of gym equipment, so I'm just a little intimidated, but they're supposed to give me one free hour with a trainer to show me the ropes. I'll be doing that tonight at a facility near my job.

I figure if I can come in early in the morning, I can work out before work. If I like working out, then after the free weeks maybe I'll joing a gym near my house (if the price is right). I could join the gym near my job, but I'm not really a morning person, so I'm not sure how that will work out. Nearer to home would mean I can go home, start dinner for the Hubster, and then change & go work out.

Wow! I think I'm finally learning some stuff about posting images to this blog! Who said you can't teach an old dog?

I've been working on finishing my green basketweave socks. Hopefully that can be my first completed item of 2006, and I'll take the foot picture and post it. I'd like to make finishing my new habit. That would be progress.

Today I received another package of yarn that I ordered as my last-of-2005 cramming spree. Hopefully it's the last. It's Debbie Bliss wool/cotton in rust color that I purchased from Herrschnerr's at a good price, and I have absolutely no idea what I'm making with it. I just went on a buying spree because I said I was going on a yarn diet, and I guess I felt like I couldn't do that without having enough. Whatever "enough" is. I now have so much yarn under my desk here at work that pretty soon I won't be able to move. I dread taking it home, because I have nowhere to put it. This really is a sickness, ya know?

And I still have to buy some baby yarn to make an outfit for the new grandchild due in May. It's hard to believe that, out of all the yarn I already possess, I have nothing to use for a baby outfit!

At least I'm getting some enjoyment out of working these little icons into the blog. Sometimes it takes very little to amuse myself,

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