Wednesday, January 11, 2006

On Diets of Different Kinds

It seems most people I read in blogland are on yarn diets. And some are on food diets. Well, January is the time of year when people think they're supposed to make fresh starts. Funny, because there really are other times in the year for that.

Springtime is notoriously the time for renewal. But I don't recall quite so many people swearing off yarn or food at the beginning of Spring. And a lot of people feel like September is a time for new beginnings - coinciding, I guess, with the beginning of school as we remember it from childhood. Some might think a birthday is a good time to start fresh. And actually, a good hangover is definitely a great time to start (or promise to) an altogether different kind of diet.

So then why do we all make such a big fuss over making 'resolutions' for the New Year?

I'm admitting to being guilty of that too.

My food diet (ah, excuse me - 'eating program') actually began a year ago. That was last year's resolution. And after a year, and a whole bunch of down-three-pounds, up-two-pounds, I'm down 5 lbs of weight in total. That really sucks. But I'm still going to try.

I've joined the National Body Challenge, in which you get 8 free weeks at a Bally's club of your choice. So that's my second resolution, which actually will help me with the first - providing I actually do exercise, that is.

And without a doubt, the perrennial yarn diet. I actually am embarrassed by how much yarn I've bought. And the cost of it! I can't knit fast enough to actually finish things and start the new yarn once I've bought it. So it goes into the stash, of course.

So there I have three things that are priority on my list of new beginnings. Oh! And what about not spending money needlessly this year!!?? Really, once you start to think about things you can or should change, it seems like there's no end!

And who am I to say it's stupid to think that, just because it's January, we should all start over? Isn't it great that we can, if we want to? How depressing it would be if we thought that we couldn't change a thing!

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