Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Some Knitting is Done!

Well, I've finally gotten some pictures of finished objects. For Christmas, I made my 10 yo GD this hat and scarf from Brazilia fun fur. I fell in love with the color (deep teal) and was lucky enough to finish it in time to give the set to my GD for Christmas. She absolutely loved it! Isn't it cute? Plain, but cute.

I also have a picture of the set on her, but it's sideways & I can't figure out how to rotate it so it can be seen straight up. What a computer moron I am.

And now, her older sister 'needs' one for her birthday, at the end of February. I've gotten the same yarn in hot pink, which is her favorite, and am in the process (7 inches worth) of knitting it. I should have taken a picture of it for comparison. Maybe tomorrow.

Here's one of the basketweave socks I made from Kroy Socks light green, and the dark green (also heel & toe) is some unknown sock yarn I had in stash. That's my foot, by the way. The leg part only comes just above the ankle. That's OK, I don't like my socks too long. I had a picture somewhere of both of them, but this is all I forwarded to this computer. But you get the idea. They were kind of fun to make. The basketweave was made with slip stitch. They fit well, and feel really comfy.

I still have a pair of orange Kroy socks that I haven't finished. Actually, I haven't even cast on for the second sock. They're destined for my sister. She's in Las Vegas, so it's not like her feet will get cold if I don't hurry up and finish them.

Anyway, right now I seem to have this drive to knit baby things. I need to start an outfit for a Grandchild expected in May, so I'm testing out different yarns to see what I'd like to use.

So for testing purposes, I knit up a tiny baby girl sweater in pink Peter Pan Wendy. It's nice, but maybe not as firm a fabric as I'd like. So I tested out Sirdar Snuggly (I need to use acrylic -- busy Mom) by knitting the hat to the outfit I thought I'd like to make - from a Pingouin book. And I do like the fabric the Snuggly makes, and will probably use it.

But now that I've knit up the hat that's part of the originally chosen set (a kind of basketweave), I might decide on a different pattern altogether. It's cute, but I'm over it, I think. I might settle on a more plain outfit that utilizes garter stitch. However, I've read that garter uses up more yarn. I'm so confused. I'd like to start something before the damn baby is born.

Anyway, at least I've given some pictures. Hopefully I'll give more tomorrow.

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