Thursday, February 09, 2006


I couldn't figure out what in the world I did wrong to get all the strange changes I had yesterday, like centering etc. I wasn't able to change it back or fix it in any way, so I just chose a new template & voila! it looks almost normal now.

I've also tried again at adding the Blogring HTML. It shows up, there at the top, but I'm not positive that's how it's supposed to look. I guess I'll hear from the ringmom after she looks at it, and see if it's acceptable.

It really would help a lot if I knew anyone who knew how to manage blogs, but I don't so I'll just muddle along.


My Snuggly yarn arrived yesterday and I'm all psyched to start the Pingouin layette for my new GBaby. I cast on and knit a few rows, but it's slow going. Because - the bottom border is a kind of twisted rib (not a rib): it involves picking up & knitting the second stitch and then the first stitch.

And I don't have the right size Inox for it. I'm using an Aero, but the point is not pointy enough to pick up the stitch without a fight. I so hope the new Inox I ordered comes today!


I wish I had taken some time last night to look at the camera and find out why my pictures won't transfer to the computer. But I didn't, and so I have no pictures to show of the new yarn and the start of the new project. (I know, I was supposed to wait until Friday to cast on - because of the Knitting Olympics; but alas, I couldn't resist!)

Since Survivor is on tonight, I'm not hopeful that I'll look at the camera tonight either. But without pictures - hey, I'm boring myself to tears on this blog without something to show.

In lieu of pictures, here at work our Thursday knitting group does a show & tell. I've brought in all the little thingies I finished up over vacation to show the group. At least someone will see them. Drop on by!

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jess said...

hi there-

maybe this will help. do you see where it says "google news" "edit-me" "edit-me" on your sidebar? you can put the ring code there. just go to your template (from the back end of blogger), find where it says "google news" etc., and drop in the code.