Friday, February 17, 2006

FO's.....Still No Pictures

First of all, I'd like to thank my one anonymous reader (Jess) for her advice on how to post the blogring HTML on my site. It worked! and that makes very me happy. It's only thru help from individuals like that, that I can finally understand what the heck I'm doing.


I've been knitting up a baby storm lately. I think I mentioned that I finished the layette in pink Wendy, and the only thing missing is buttons. I finished two hats. And finally decided (after buying $$ worth of Snuggly) to make my Pingouin layette for the new GD from pale aqua Wendy DK. It's a very light DK, so I'm getting the gauge expected from fingering weight, by going down a little in needle size.

I made the attempt with the Snuggly, but I got the white with colored sprinkles and it hid the pattern - that's why I went to the Wendy. Then the bottom band pattern gave me problems, & just when I decided to just go with garter stitch I finally got it! I've gotten about 6" into the pattern now, and really like the look of the whole thing.

I also finished up the furry scarf for my GD's birthday next week, and the fingerless gloves to match. I just love them! And I know she will too. Now a friend found a site that has a free pattern for a headband out of the same kind of yarn. I have so much fur left over, it would be a sin not to make some headbands. So, if I get to it within the next week, that's what the GD will get too.

My only regret is that I have no pictures to show. I just haven't had the time at home to fiddle with the camera. I hope I can get to it this weekend, because a knitting blog without pictures just ain't the same.


I just finished James Patterson's Mary Mary. His books are always quick reads, but this one was ridiculously so. I finished it in 3 days, partly because I had nothing to do at work and nobody complained about me reading. Now I'm reading this old novel a friend recommended - Disturb Not the Dream, by Paula Trachtman. Her friend told her it was the best book she ever read. Well, maybe it is, if all you want is seduction, seduction, seduction. I prefer a little more to my story, thank you. Note to self: always remember to put it into perspective, who is recommending the book.

We have a wonderful 3 day weekend coming up. Right now I wish I could just spend the 3 days in bed, but I have to baby sit Sunday Night/Monday. That's not too bad, because the two GC's are 7 & 11, so it's not like running around after tots. But it so would be nice to have the three days to myself. Note to self: Grandchildren are only young once & it's nice if they know who you are.

So, that's it for the weekend, unless I have any further groundshaking news (like winning the lottery!).

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