Wednesday, February 22, 2006



My knitting progress continues, but there's no progress in picture posting. I truly have to admit to being lazy about finding out what's wrong with the camera. I get home from work, make dinner, watch TV & knit. I could blame it on the Olympics, couldn't I?

But I did successfully become a member of the NYCKnitters Ring. For whatever that's worth. That's progress!!

Anyway, the knitting. I completed the back of the Pingouin baby sweater. I love the basket pattern, but am not loving the twisted stitch border/band. It still curls up. (A photo here would help.) So I'm starting the two fronts (together at the same time) with a plain garter band, and if I like that better I'll rip out the band on the back and knit down a garter band to match. I guess I should just have done that in the first place, considering how much trouble that twisted stitch gave me anyway. Well, 'they' do say: you learn from your mistakes?

And I finished the two fingerless gloves in furry stuff. I'd really better fix that camera so I can get a pic before I have to gift them. The B'day is on the 28th. I'm still working occasionally on the romper, and the alpaca scarf came out of hiding (need to finish that before winter's end). My list seems endless, but don't you know I'm already getting itchy to start something else? What is up with that?


I just finished reading perhaps the worst book I've ever read: Disturb Not the Dream, by Paula Trachtman. It was written around 1980(?) and is supposed to be a gothic horror/romance/thriller. Awful book. Every chapter has someone getting seduced, raped, incestized, etc. The only reason I finished it at all is to see if it ever got any better. It was recommeded by someone who thought it was 'the best book (she) ever read'.* I have no comment on that, except that if I was assigning stars to review the book, I'd give it -***** (that's a negative number, folks.)

*I must remember to consider who's giving the recommendation.

Happy George Washington's Birthday!

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