Thursday, February 23, 2006

Knitting Olympics??!!!!

Yes, I've obviouxly been forgetting that my Pingouin baby layette is what I decided to make for the KO. I don't know why I signed up at all, since I usually have trouble keeping up with a KAL. I inevitably drop out and just finish whenever. I mean, I really will finish this layette anyway, but not in time for the end of the Olympics. I guess I knew that from the start, but maybe I thought the KAL would spur my work along. Face it, I can't knit any faster no matter what.

Today my knit buddy cut off the twisted bottom band from my baby sweater. I was simply going to rip back from the original cast-on to the start of the basket pattern, then knit down in garter until I get the required length & bind off. But my bud misunderstood; she thought I was going to rip out the whole back & start over in garter. She said it would be so much easier just to cut the whole thing off and start knitting down.

Well, what with crossed interpretations, we were really talking about the same thing. Only, I would have used the same yarn that I wanted to unravel & she cut it off so now I have to use new yarn. Whatever, it's still going to accomplish the same thing, and I have plenty of yarn. I'll just pick up the live stitches and start gartering along. This just goes to show you, we must be more specific when we speak. Also, we should be more specific when we listen!

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