Friday, February 24, 2006

End of The Week

I just wanted to check in because it's Friday!!! And just in case I don't get around to checking in over the weekend. It was a short week, but didn't it feel longer?

So last night I succeeded in getting the ripped-out-band of the baby sweater back onto a stitch holder. My friend cut just a little too much off, and made it difficult to get to the row I needed. I haven't actually ripped out a bottom edge before, and I didn't realize how difficult it might be getting the stitches to align. They are, after all, going in the wrong direction now. But I think it will work out OK once I knit a row or two down. Updates to come.

The Olympics will be over this weekend, but I will definitely not be finished with my baby sweater. I need to remember in future not to get myself into these things. What was I thinking? But I've been enjoying the Olympics, and Sasha came really close!

Over the weekend I'm going to try to evaluate my extensive (ridiculous) list of projects OTN, and maybe assign them an order of finishing preference. And maybe decide to frog something. After all, 16 projects is a little too much.

Have a good weekend!

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