Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bad Blogger!

I've been bad - it's over a week since my last post. But it's more accurate to say I've been lazy. I've been knitting for sure, but writing? photographing? Zilch.

I just read about Turkish cast-on over at fluffyknitterdeb's blog. I know I've probably read about this cast-on before, but this time somehow it gelled. I've been wanting to knit toe-up socks, with no luck (can't manage the crochet cast-on), but this looks like I can work it. I can't wait to try it - after I finish about a dozen things.

I do have a photo I can post: the pattern shot of the Pingouin baby sweater I'm working on. I didn't want to show it until I took shots of the actual knitting for comparison, but I feel bad that I've been lazy, so here it is:

I've wanted to make this pattern for a long time, so I finally went for it. I have the back and fronts done, and I'm just about finished with the sleeves. I've been meaning to block everything for sewing up, but there you go, lazy again. The button bands and neck band get added after the other seams are sewed, but otherwise I'm feeling pretty good about being near the end.

Then I think I'll start the baby socks (in the picture). I have to do the hat too (not in picture), but since my trial/swatch of the pattern was the hat (in purple) a couple of months ago, I think I'll save that for last. The mystery is gone. There are pants too, but right now I'm not promising I'll knit them. I might be at the point of being sick of this pattern.

It will be so nice to complete this, since I want to get to some of the other things on my OTN list. I re-did the list yesterday. Even after frogging a sweater I wasn't happy with, I still have 16 knit items otn, and two crochet afghans. Maybe tomorrow I'll post the list.


I'm nearing the end of The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova. I find it fascinating, and recommend it to anyone who likes a good Dracula story. Although, it's not really a typical vampire novel, it's very different. The story is approached more from a historical point of view. Believe it or not, it really is a historical novel, according to the author. Read about it at I love it.

And I finally picked up a copy of Stephen King's Cell - a novel. That's probably going to be my next read.

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