Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Getting Things Back on Track

I'm so excited: I got my camera to work properly! I found the manual that was trying to be lost, and read a little bit of it. I'm not sure what I did to make the camera work, but it does, and I'll say no more. So now I can show you what I've been doing.

This is a baby hat I knit out of Sock it to Me! Collection Colori (from Elann). The pattern: Harlequin Hat, is free on their site. It suggests using two different colors of sock yarn, because it's actually reversible. But I didn't have different colors, & I love the way this came out. Those colors are pretty accurate. I've just cast on for a pair of little socks to match. I just hope I'll have enough yarn left for both socks.

Here's the basket pattern baby hat I knit when I was testing out the yarn to use for my baby layette. This is Sirdar Snuggly, which knit up very pleasantly, but I couldn't see myself knitting a whole layette in this color. I did order the Snuggly in white with speckles, which didn't do justice to this pattern. And I couldn't find any other pattern I wanted to use. So instead I ordered some Peter Pan Wendy in a light aqua. Pictures of that to come. (I hope!)

And finally, here's the pink furry scarf and fingerless gloves I made for my GD's birthday. The scarf is about 5 feet long. They're made from Brazilia Fur, and the yarn was easy to work with.

I absolutely loved them! I had to put them into the mail for her, because the family were away somewhere, so I don't know her reaction to them yet.

Next I'm going to try getting pictures of my current projects. More tomorrow.

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