Tuesday, August 08, 2006

All My — Projects

Sometimes I really hate Blogger! I wrote up a really, really good and long post, and it went to NeverneverLand. Grrrrrrrrr....It was a list of all the projects I have On The Needles. I made a pdf of the list, but I can't seem to get Blogger to upload the pdf file to the blog. So I'm recreating the list here.

I'm thinking about how slowly my projects get finished. Well, there's a good reason for that - I just can't seem to stop myself from starting stuff. So here's my list of things that are OTN, sort of in order of what I'm working on most:
  1. Hanging Garden Lace Shawl (Sivia Harding KAL)
  2. Esprit Print Lace-Up Tank (free Elann pattern)
  3. Gothic Leaf Stole (Sivia Harding, but not a KAL)
  4. Cutaway Tank Top (me) (to match Flower Boxes cardigan made last year)
  5. Raglan Cardigan (baby)(a just-in-case project)
  6. Kati Tank Top (me)
  7. Infant's Fancy Sock (just-in-case)
  8. Baby Socks (to match a hat I made last year)(j.i.c.)
  9. Baby Romper (j.i.c.) (only buttons & trim to finish)
  10. Alpaca Scarf (me)
  11. Aberdeen Cardigan (me)
  12. Seascape Shawl (me)
  13. Sleevelss Cardigan (lace)(me)
  14. Bead Stitch Anklets (sister)
  15. Emozione Pullover (me)
  16. Silver Treasure Cardigan (daughter)
  17. Cropped Top (me)
  18. Round Baby Blanket (j.i.c.)

Do you see a pattern here? How most of these things are for moi? I wonder if I would finish faster if they were for someone else? OK, the socks for my sister, and the cardigan for a daughter - but I never made a commitment to have them finished for a certain occasion.

I wish I had dates for when I started each project. And pictures of each, too. Maybe I'll try to make some room on my camera and get shots of each thing. Hmmm.... sounds like another project.

Blogging Questions.....

There's so much I can't figure out about how this blog thing works. For instance,

  • how do you get your blog to automatically refresh when you or someone else opens it? I know it can be done, because certain blogs I read don't require me to press the refresh button when I open them. And then there are others (like mine) where, if you don't press the refresh button, you get the post from the last time a person wrote.
  • How do you create another page where you can post all your finished projects and pictures?
  • And is it possible to upload a pdf file to the blog?

If you can help me with any advice, please comment.


I'm getting to the end of Until I Find You. All I can say is, John Irving can really write a strange book. And everything has changed. I especially like one line from his book:

"So much of what you think you remember is a lie,
the stuff of postcards."

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