Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More Project Review

I decided to start a one-at-a-time review of my projects OTN.

Today I have pictures of the Gothic Leaf Lace Stole, by Sivia Harding.

Here's the whole thing, so far. I cast this on some time last year, and just got bored, as usual. The yarn is Jaggerspun Merino, fingering weight, in a plum color. It came on a cone (from Elann), and even after I finish this baby I should have a lot left over. Whatever's left, I'll donate it to someone.

This picture shows the pattern and color a little better. It starts out with a garter border, and garter borders are knitted at each side as you go. I love that I won't have to add anything once I'm done knitting the pattern. It's a 16 stitch/20 row repeat, and not difficult.

The pattern calls for knitting 12 repeats, and then knitting (on a separate needle) another 12 repeats, which you then Kitchener together for a mirror image. I'm not going to do that - I loathe Kitchenering. I'll just continue knitting until I have 24 repeats, end with the garter border and call it done. It won't have the mirror image effect, but I'm not obsessive enough to Kitchener two stole pieces together. Right now, I have 9 repeats. 15 to go.

I knit some more on my Hanging Garden last night, and am not quite finished with repeat #3. But I still love it! It's a good thing the KAL doesn't give us a deadline on when it must be finished. I'm slow!


I finally finished Until I find You. I enjoyed the book, but I feel like it just ended - kind of flatly. Like it just had nowhere else to go. Now I'm reading something just a little bit lighter: Ursula K. LeGuin's Gifts. I think it's really a book meant for teens, but so what. That just means I'll read it faster. When I read a terribly big book, I need to balance with something that reads a little more quickly. In the meantime, I have my eye open for what will interest me next. I can never be without a book.

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