Friday, August 18, 2006

Another Lame Friday Post.......Again

Yes, I've been quiet all week. I just haven't had much going on.

We're getting some really nice weather here in the NE, and I say about time. Summer may as well go out with us liking it.


I made some progress on my Hanging Garden Shawl. After I tinked back the 15 rows last weekend, I made the supreme effort to re-knit them. I'm now about half way into the 4th repeat. I'm still loving the pattern, and the yarn, and not sick of knitting it yet. But I'm sure it's still going to take a couple of months to get it done. Here's a progress shot:

The color is pretty close to actual in this shot, just a little more greeny. I love it. And aren't the beads great?

I'm trying not to think so much about how long it's taking, just trying to enjoy the process. Because I think that's what my knitting should be about. If we don't enjoy the process, then there's no reason at all to knit. We could just buy stuff.

Speaking of stuff, someone in the Yahoo group mentioned that they buy these little rubber rings from Cutler Supply that are meant for tying up poultry, and they use them for markers between their repeats. So of course I had to buy them. I bought two sizes, small and medium, for use with different size needles. I got them this week, and I think they're cute:

This picture is a bit blurry, but maybe you can see that they're not smooth rings - they kind of wrap around on top of themselves. See it? They come in all these great colors and are pretty, but I'm not exactly sure how useful these will be. Won't they grab onto the next stitch? And of course, being a true packrat, I couldn't just order a pack of 50, I had to order two packs of each. So I have 100 in a size that will fit needles up to about US4, and 100 in a larger size. I just have to have my gadgets. And I suppose I have enough of them to last my lifetime, even if I lose a lot of them.

Have to go home now, have a great weekend all.

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Angela said...

The HGS looks wonderful!