Monday, August 14, 2006


That's what I have today - nothing. No pictures of the next item on my OTN list. I was away in my trailer for the weekend, so no time to take pictures. I did bring my knitting with me, but didn't have much time to knit. It's tough work sitting by the pool, how can I be expected to knit too?

I knit a couple of inches on the Cutaway Tank, which I think is pretty good progress. And, once I got home, I almost finished repeat #3 of the Hanging Garden. Then a stitch decided to jump off my needle, and slipped down a couple of rows before I could even get to it. Needless to say, I couldn't figure out where that stitch went and had to start ripping back. Did you know that it takes twice as long to tink one row of lace as it does to knit one row of lace?


I finished that little Le Guin book and started a new fantasy book. I don't know why the interest lately in fantasy, but I'm enjoying it. It's The Naming, by Alison Groggon, the First Book of Pellinor. The second book is due out this fall, but I try not to buy the hardcover. It's not so portable on the subway.

And I have to have a book for the subway. I can not just sit and watch the people, and I can't knit because there's not enough time to get started and then have to change trains, etc. So at least it's a way for me to get in a couple of hours of reading each day.

I hope I'll have some show and tell tomorrow.

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