Friday, August 11, 2006

Next Project

The continuing saga of my projects OTN..........

I snapped this picture of the sleeveless cardigan. I'm sorry it's so fuzzy. You can see the shape of it and, fuzzily, the lace panels. But the cables aren't very clear. And you can't really see the bobbles (in the cable spaces) at all. I'm not at all fond of bobbles, so I'm just putting them every other cable. After I started doing that, I realized the bobbles actually held the cable spaces open. By then it was too late, I wasn't ripping it back just to put in some stupid bobbles. I'll call it a "design element".

Here's a (bad) photo of the Cutaway Tank pattern I'm using for my tank top. I'm following the basic pattern, and putting in some additions for it to match the Flower Boxes cardigan I knitted last year. Which I didn't think to snap a photo of. I'll do that if I ever get done with this piece.

So far I have the back done, and I'm about halfway done the front. Here's a (boring) shot of the completed back: you can't see much besides the shape of it. I'm not showing you the front, because it's just the same! But I do have a shot of the detail at the bottom edge.

It's a little dark, but you can see the checkerboard effect. This is the same edging as at the bottom of the Flower Boxes cardigan. I may put some more if this patterning at the top front, just to give it a little excitement beyond plain stockinette.

I've been knitting this tank top since last year. It's my work knitting group knitting, and it goes so slow because I only work on it a few times a week at lunch. And it's boring; stockinette is boring. The cardigan I knit in a month, because it has an interesting pattern. But I wanted to keep the tank a little plainer so as not to compete with the beauty of the cardi. Look for this to be finished by the end of the year, and then I'll show pictures of the whole set.

I didn't work on my Hanging Garden at all last night. Horrors! I was actually casting-on/swatching for a merino lace wrap. I've cast on three times so far, because I can't settle on the right needles, right cast-on, and how the heck to get some markers into the lace. I've tried without markers, but I keep losing my place. I didn't make any progress on these huge decisions, so I guess it was just a waste of good time that could have been spent with Hanging Garden.

Oops! I wasn't supposed to start anything new, was I?

Have a great weekend, all.

PS: I forgot to add, the Cutaway Tank is being knit in Elann's Endless Summer Lara, 100% Combed Cotton, in brick red.

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