Tuesday, August 29, 2006

'New' Blogger

So I've switched over to the new Blogger Beta. I'm not sure yet what advantage this is, since some of the functions are not available yet. For instance, I tried to update my template, but it said that function wasn't available "right now"; I wonder when.

I wouldn't have bothered, but it seems that eventually they'll be moving everybody over, so I figured I might as well be in the forefront, so to speak.

But for me, being in the forefront probably doesn't mean diddly. I have this problem of always 'trying' to figure out some product that's new to me, but don't quite 'get' whatever I'm supposed to get.

For instance, I found a site where I can download music for free (legally), and I did so. It plays nicely on my computer, but I can't figure out how to get the music onto my MP3 player. If only I had a grandkid around to figure it out. It always seems to me that you need to be somewhere between 12 and 30 to figure these things out.


Last night I finally finished up the knitting on my Cutaway Tank. Here's the proof:

This picture on the left shows the whole thing, one
piece on top of the other. Well, they are basically the same, no? As I said yesterday, my digital doesn't take nearly as good pictures as my scanner. So I took the picture on the right at a different angle (still with the digital) to try to show the design element a little better.

Now I just have to sew the pieces together and then make an applied I-cord around the neck opening. It really feels good to be (almost) finished with this top.

Now I can finally get back to my Hanging Garden. It's feeleing lonely. That one I can only knit at home, since I can't pay attention properly when I'm knitting/talking with my group here at work. So maybe I'll pay some attention to a pair of socks (still only the one started) that I have at work already. Got to get some of these things off my list.


Still enjoying Toni Morrisoon's Jazz. Things are so slow at work that I'm doing some sneaky reading. Just a little guilty pleasure.

I've been trying to upload a picture of my latest grandkid. Blogger tells me it's done, but it isn't here. What's goin' on? Is it because it's a bmp file? So much I don't know!


Anonymous said...

Do you think it is worth to switch to blogger beta version?


Mary said...

I really don't know. But blogger will require everybody to switch over eventually, so I figured I might as well do it now.