Monday, August 28, 2006

Rainy Day Blues

Yes, I've ignored my blog for another week. I wish I could blame it on the rain, but it's only been raining for 3 days. I did have some foot pain problems (spurs, fasciitis, etc.) and was generally not in a great mood, spending a lot of time with TV and foot bath/massager. I am happy to say my foot is now back to normal, whatever that is. On with life.


I just found out my scanner takes some pretty decent pictures. I've had my (new) computer for over a year now, and never got around to trying the scanner. I had the mistaken thought that only a digital camera would give me bloggable pictures. I actually think I got a clearer picture with the scanner. See for yourself:

I've been knitting this top exclusively the past few days, attempting to get one thing finished and off my list. Also, I'd like to wear it this year. I used the edge pattern here near the top of the front, just to give it some interest and make it match the sweater more. I have about an inch to go before shaping the neck, and then it should go more quickly, because I bind off the center stitches and work each side separately. Once the knitting is done, I'll put applied I-cord around the neck, and the armholes have their own edging knit into the pattern. Just sew in those pesky loose ends, and voila!

My Hanging Garden Shawl has been suffering from loneliness, but I do have 4 repeats finished. And I will absolutely get back to it as soon as I finish my red top. I already had the urge to start another project over the weekend. Thank goodness I couldn't find the pattern I had in mind, or there'd be another addition to my list. What's with this project fickleness?


I finished reading Harlan Coben's The Innocent. A wonderfully suspenseful book, as usual. This guy is such a good writer, I pick up his new stuff as soon as I can. Now I'm reading (or maybe re-reading, I can't remember) Toni Morrison's Jazz. I just love her writing.

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