Monday, January 08, 2007

Goals and Finishing


I refuse to call it a Resolution - it's a Goal.

2007 Goal: I will not buy yarn for as long as possible. I last purchased yarn on Jan. 2, 2007. But, technically, I don't call this a purchase. My friend needed to get some Debbie Bliss cotton/cashmere that was on sale at Elann, and of course it would be a shame to pass it up myself. So I ordered some for her and some for me. But the reason this isn't technically a purchase? I qualified for my $50 bonus. WooHoo!! Therefore, for me the yarn was free!

Knitting From Stash

Alert the media: I'm knitting from stash. Over the weekend, I "rescued" my red Rowan Calmer from a failed CeCe sweater. The pattern was written so confusingly that I hadn't touched it in months. There was no hope of un-confusing the pattern, so I figured it was time CeCe and I visited the frog pond.

I love my Calmer, and I remembered I had a pattern in stash (see? knitting from stash!) that would suit Calmer. It's the "Neckdown Summer Cardigan" from Knitting Pure & Simple. Perfect for the cotton in Calmer. This is knitted top-down in the round, and I do expect it to take lots of time to knit, but so does everything else. I'll try to photograph the pattern photo as soon as I get a chance.


I have finally finished up another entire baby set I've been making out of Wendy Peter Pan yarn, from a Pingouin pattern.

What in the world is this?? I never knit anything that looked quite like this. Well, it does end up making sense.

Here's the finished product, which of course is a sweater :

Cute, no? I then made the matching hat, and a pair of booties from a free pattern I found online some time ago:
I'm really pleased with these, especially the booties. The hat pattern was written for flat knitting, but I adapted it to knit in the round. Much easier finishing up, with no seam. It's all garter, except for the toe part of the bootie. The whole set will fit a 3 month old infant.

And here's the whole set together, with label sewn in:

This is destined for a girl on my job whose baby boy is due in February.

Tomorrow I hope to post some pictures of the Vest I knit last year and had to fix this year. Huh? Suspense.................

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Holly Burnham said...

Hopefully your friend will give you a picture of the baby in this you can share with us.