Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Year-End Finishing

Over the New Year's weekend I decided it was necessary to get busy finishing up stuff that's been on the needles for too long. I'm happy to say that I've finished a couple of things.

But I only have time for one right now!

This is a scarf made from Misti Chunky Alpaca that my friend gave to me for last Christmas (2005). She thought she might like to see me wearing it this year, so I got busy finishing it up over the weekend. I didn't have time this morning to re-orient this picture, so it wouldn't look like a flag. So, if you can't make sense of it, just turn your head sideways and it will look more like a scarf.

There's been more finishing up besides, but I didn't have the time today for saving more pictures, or anything else. So, enjoy the scarf, and I'll try to post more tomorrow. Happy New Year!

(BTW, Blogger still gives me a pain in the neck with the spacing!)

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