Thursday, December 28, 2006

Catch-Up Pictures

I managed to download the pictures I haven't posted to the Blog. If Blogger cooperates*, I'll try to post them all.

*(It seems Blogger Beta is gone, so I hope I've been moved over to the new Blogger, and hopefully I'll have some luck with the photos)

Here's the little gift bag knitted from Firefly's pattern. The picture is a bit dark, so it's hard to see that it's actually a dark red Debbie Bliss Chunky Merino. But the angels with my grandbabies' names on them are clear, that's why I'm posting this one. The Christmas tree angels went inside the bag. I'm so in love with this pattern. I ran out of knitting time this time around, so I didn't put any french knots or other embellishment around the top, like Firefly does. I like it anway, and so did the babies' mom.*

(*Little Megan, who's only 2 & 1/2, thought the bag was a sock puppet :-))

I finished up the Almost Argyle Socks, which I gifted in another one of the little knitted bags.

Here's a shot of the socks. The pattern was a lot of fun. The argyle diamonds kept me interested enough that I finished these socks in 2 weeks - unheard of for me. And I love the color. The yarn was from KnitPicks (and I might remember what it was if I search my Blog entries) and so was the pattern.

The sock recipient was thrilled with the socks as well as the bag.

Here's the socks with the gift bag. As you can see, I actually took the time to embellish the top rim of the bag - although I couldn't manage french knots the likes of Firefly's.

The color of the bag is plum, in some kind of chunky merino that's not Debbie Bliss. Sorry the photo is so dark. Sometime in 2007, I will get myself a better camera.

Christmas Gifts

A camera wasn't on my gift list, because I really don't like to ask my Hubby to spend so much money on me. I asked for less expensive things: Bose Tri-Port Earphones, a simple 18-20" gold chain.

He did get me the earphones, and some nice smelly body lotion stuff. But I should have known better when I asked him for a "simple" chain. I'm afraid he spent more on that 18" chain than he would have spent on a camera. It's a really lovely chain, and I appreciate all he does for me, and he just loves to show how much he loves me with jewelry. But (since he doesn't read my blog I can say this) I really, really would have liked to get a camera more.

He's a great guy, so I always tell him how much I love his gifts, and then buy myself what I really want. As long as he never catches on, this makes for a great relationship.

(Blogger is still giving me trouble about the paragraph spacing! And the typeface!)

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firefly said...

The little bag looks very dear. I liked what you had to say about how you feel about the gifts your husband gives you, and how you handle that part of your relationship.

That's what its all about!

Happy holidays,