Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Back for the End of The Year

(Have I mentioned lately how much I dislike this new Beta version of Blogger? Any formatting I do - like simple spacing between paragraphs - disappears once I publish. So if my blog looks weird and the spacing is weird, that's why. I wish I could go back to the regular Blogger! Just sayin.)

So, I never came back to blog after vacation. Some things changed at my job, and I didn't feel comfortable posting from my new desk. And I never get around to it from home. But things have settled down now at work, so I think I'll be able to blog again. And it's so quiet now after the holidays, I haven't much to do.

I did some Christmas knitting. I made two really quick shrugs for two of the granddaughters. Here's some pics:

This is the photo of a free download from WNW: the Patons Brilliant shrug. That's the yarn I used. I made one in white (with silver thread running thru it) and one in black (with silver thread).

The black one is adult size, for the 15 yo, and I down-sized the white one for an 11 yo. I must say I was very happy with them, and they were a quick knit.

I only took a photo of the white one, because the black wouldn't show up well in a photo. Cute, isn't it? It's basically just a set of sleeves that connect across the back. I put them in the mail to arrive by Christmas. So far, I haven't received any reply to let me know if they got them and how they liked them. How could they not like them? I see a lot of teenagers wearing shrugs.

In other Christmas knitting, I made another one of those cute gift bags from Firefly's pattern. But I forgot to download the picture to the computer, so I'll post that shot later. Into the bag, I put two little angels with my son's babies' names on them. They really like them, and the bag too.

Yarn Purchase!

OK, just like everybody else, my New Year's Resolution is to promise myself not to buy any more yarn in 2007 unless/until I knit up some stuff from stash. I really need to try to honor that, because my stash is just as out of control as everyone else's. But it isn't 2007 yet, and didn't Elann go and put some delicious yarn on sale yesterday:

Diamond Desire, 75% Silk/ 25% Cashmere,
22 st/4 inches , 4.0 mm (US 6), 150 m (163 yards),
50g (1.75 oz) ball, $4.98 USD

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. I ordered 10 balls in cream color, and my *friend* (enabler) ordered 20 in black and 2 in cream. We (of course) have never seen, handled, or otherwise known this yarn, but the Cashmere spoke to us and we just had no choice! So, it's Elann's fault, isn't it?


I've been doing some reading too. Right now I'm reading Amy Tan's Saving Fish From Drowning. It's a delightful book, but then I wouldn't expect anything less from Ms. Tan. I've read a few others over the last couple of months, but nothing worth mentioning.

S'all for now.

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