Friday, October 17, 2008

Project 365 Day 2

This is basically what I was doing Day 2. Watching the debate. I must say, neither candidate said much that changed my mind. This is a very important election, and I'm still just as undecided as I was before I turned the TV on. Neither side is making much sense with their respective health care plans. And I'm sorry, but I'm pretty tired of negative campaigning. And discussing the negative campaigning for as long as they did wasn't helpful. There are a lot more important things to discuss. I wanted to hear what they were going to do for me, not how bad the other guy was.


I really am knitting, folks. I promise I am. I just haven't remembered to take any pictures of said knitting. I hope to take a picture of some of it over the weekend. I just have to say I'm really tired of the blanket I'm knitting. But it needs to be finished, because my friend Sammy wants to put it up for sale. She's a good designer, and is finally starting to sell some of her patterns. Check her out.

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