Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Project 365 Day One

I'm going to call this Day 1 of Project 365, because I only started taking pictures yesterday. And since I upload the pictures at home and blog from work, I will always be a day behind. But that really doesn't matter. For this project I can use the old adage "today is the first day of.....". So here are my Day 1 pictures:

This is my work area, on the job. (The pictures are a little washed out - I still have a bit to learn about my camera.) I thought these were appropriate, because this is where I spend half of my waking hours, Monday to Friday. I like my job. I guess not a lot of people could say that, but I'm very happy to have this job.

Not just because it's a bad economy and all that. It's really a nice place to work. The general staff is treated well, paid well, get good benefits, and made to feel like our job is valued. Also, a lot of the time I don't have much to do. Now, how much better can a job be?

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Karen said...

Just a little tip, you might want to turn the date feature off, so your photos don't have the date stamp on them. I find that to be distracting. Otherwise, good start. I used to work in an office for more years than I wanted to.