Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fool!

Nablopomo Day 1

Ok, at least I'm starting Nablo on time - April 1st. April Fools Day in New York is gloomy, damp and cold. It will be raining later, and with a little luck it will start bringing the little green buds to the trees. Then maybe I'll believe it's Spring.

Last night I actually had gluten-free pizza for the first time! My lovely friend Sammy always looks for GF stuff for me in the Passover section of her supermarket. I, of course, never knew these things existed, since I'm not Jewish and I've only been diagnosed with Celiac 2 years. Sammy is so good, she even calls me when she finds something in her 99¢ store that I can eat. A real pizza lover probably wouldn't like this pizza much, but to me it was great! If you do without something for a couple of years, it doesn't take too much to make you happy!

I still didn't take any knitting pictures, but here's a picture I like better anyway.

See you on April 2nd!

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