Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Can Fall Be Far Behind?

We finally got a couple of days' relief from the stifling heat wave weather. It will be in the 80's, with less humidity, which is fine summer weather as far as I'm concerned. But the humididity will be back over the weekend. Yes, I spelled it that way on purpose. When I was a little girl, my Dad used to say that. It just popped into my head. Funny how things pop in for a visit that way.

I had a visit on Saturday last from a daughter-in-law I met only once before, two years ago. Yes, I have a screwed up family. Her husband - my oldest son - had decided 11 years ago that he didn't want to bother with the family. Mostly, I can't say I blame him, since it's a screwed up family. But on the other hand, he started not-talking to me for no good reason at all. Or bad reason, as far as I can tell. Anyway, in the interim, he divorced his first wife, married a second one (which wedding I wasn't invited to), and had a baby a year ago with the new wife. I think his wife must be feeling annoyed that he has no family, but in any case, she had called me and offered to bring the baby over to meet me. I thought that was pretty generous of her, since after all she has no idea what a screwed up family he has/had. Baby is really cute, how can a one year old not be? We had a good visit, tried not to talk about who's to blame for not talking to whom. I thought it would be pointless. And would really just prevent any opportunity for any future relationship. I promised I would invite them for dinner once the weather broke.

On the one hand, I feel OK that maybe this relationship will be mended, sort of. On the other hand, it's been nice not having to be involved in crazy relationships. But one of the side effects is that I haven't seen his children (with the first wife) for 11 years. They don't even know me. So, I have to think about how much contact I really want before I feel overhwelmed again by nutty people and their insane problems. Oh well, I'm the mother, so I guess it's time I tried to lay some stuff to rest. I think most people don't want to leave this world without at least trying to mend some fences. I'd hate to think how these people might feel if they weren't given a chance to make some things better. That's my story and I'm stickin to it.

Knitting Content

I've gotten back to some of my baby items. Last year I had started a little poncho for Megan, who's the baby I just got a visit from. It will be a nice Christmas present for her. And I have a baby romper I'm trying to get done for my young friend/alternate daughter, who's giving birth either the end of this month or early September. That will be two things off my list. Did I mention I made a list of all the projects I have OTN? 16 UFO's. I'm so anxious to start a shawl, like everyone else in knitting blogdom, but I promised myself I wouldn't start one until I've at least cleared up two things on my UFO list. I'm chomping at the bit. And knitting away.

Reading Content

I'm reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It's good, as usual. I'm pretty sure I know who the Prince is. And I'm pretty close to the end of the book. Then I have a detective book I started, which I can read up fast. I'd like to get back to the last book in the Memory, Sorrow & Thorn trilogy. I'm looking forward to it, although it will be a horror to carry back and forth to work. It's trade paperback, and 1066 pages. I mostly try to stay away from hard-cover books because of the travel issue (except for Harry!), but this book is so huge it's like carrying a hard cover. What the heck, I can't help it. This story is so enchanting I have to read it, have to carry the heavy sucker.

OK, I'm going back to my job now. Not that there's anything to do, but sometimes I have to make it look like there is. Til next time.


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