Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday, and I Can't Stand the Heat!! (Should I get out of the kitchen?)

There's no use complaining I know, but it's still hot as hell here in New York. I can't remember the last time I hated summer so much. Don't ever, ever ask me to retire to Florida. We should be getting a two day weather break over the weekend, but then it's back to steamy on Monday. I hope I'll make it to Pennsylvania this weekend. My intention is to spend two days sitting at the pool.

Unlike lots of other people, I have nothing controversial to say here. I'm a typically apolitical person, except when there's an election and I don't like who's trying to be elected. Other than that, I try not to have many opinions. I don't want to be a blog writer who has to stand up for every stinking cause that comes into my mind. When I read someone who does that, I stop reading them. I guess I'm shallow - I like mindless entertainment.

The one thing I do have is a screwed up family. What, you say I'm not the only one? Good to know that. For reasons that I won't bore myself or anyone else with, I have 6 kids (grown) that mostly don't talk to one another. A couple of them don't even talk to me. So imagine my surprise last evening when I answered the phone and it was my eldest son's wife (whom I have never met, even though they got married two years ago!). I had sent their 1 year old a birthday card, saying Grandma would love to meet her. So DIL was calling to arrange that. It will happen a week from Saturday, and they're coming to my house. I got the impression that the son is not coming with her, although I didn't directly ask. I'm just about flabbergasted. Don't know exactly how to handle this, what to say, etc. One thing I know I can't do is get into why doesn't he talk to me and all that stuff. I don't want to scare the poor woman away. And it would probably be nice if I could keep up some kind of relationship with the baby. Interesting times, these.

Knitting Content

So now that I'm going to see this baby, I've picked up the project I started for her about 10 months ago - a seed stitch poncho in Lion Brand bulky wool. It's a quick knit, don't know why I didn't finish it last winter. Maybe because I didn't have a deadline. Think I can finish it in a week?

I'm wrapping up the Dale baby set today, and gifting it. So happy to finally have one project out of my sight!

Reading Content

I've finally finished "Stone of Farewell" and started Harry Potter 6. It's been so long between books, I'm still trying to get straight in my head who all these people are and what happened in the last book. I think it will be a quick read. I forgot how much tongue-in-cheek humor Rowling puts into these books.

Writing Content

Just this - nothing more.

Well, self, have a great weekend.

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