Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Did I Just Lose a Post!!????

I think I lost a post. Damn! And it was a good one, too. And I don't intend to try to re-create it. A brief synopsis: hot weather (too-hot), some finished knitting, some yearning to start new knitting before finishing old knitting, still reading; yup, that's about it.

Maybe it wasn't all that good a post after all. And what's the difference anyway, if no one reads it.

A writer isn't supposed to think that way. The writing should be for my own enjoyment and enlightenment. I wish I could convince myself to think that way. Uh-oh, is this the beginning of a poor-me bout? When I say "if only I had something to write about"? Then I'll just wish you adieu, and good day, and see ya!

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