Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Happy B'Day to Me!

Yes, it's that time of year again. But I'm learning to take them gracefully, not be upset that I'm getting older. For what is the other alterntive, eh??? I think I'll coax Hubby into cooking dinner for me/us. How hard is it to cook a hamburger, after all?


I tried emailing my pictures to my work addy so I could try posting them from here, but our computer support wouldn't let them thru. I'll have to be a little more devious. If I include the pic in an email instead of as an attachment, that should do the job. Or, alternately, I can open my aol email here at work & get the attachment. Ya gotta learn how to get around the computer geeks here.

I'll try that tonight, and hopefully tomorrow I can make some progress with posting more pics.


I started sewing up the raglan sleeves on Hubby's sweater, but it wasn't working out well. It was sagging where I didn't want it, and bunching where I didn't want it. So I took it to work & asked my knitting guru (V) what she thought I could do. She graciously offered to join it up for me so it would look nice for Hubby. Bless her! Then I'll only have to do the seams and knit the neckline. I am so ready for this baby to be done. I also hope I can send a picture of that one.

Over the weekend I was working a little on my Harris Tweed vest. After I finished the moebius, I guess I just had the lace bug, and can't bring myself to knit stockinette right now. So it's been the vest and a little time on the lace leaf shawl that's been hanging around.

But I also had a serious bout of baby knitting startitis. I searched for a pattern and couldn't find one I liked for the yarn I wanted to use. Otherwise I'd have one more UFO on the list. But I can still feel it coming on; I'm sure I'll start something else soon.

Work day's almost over, gotta clean up my desk and go home. Chow for today.

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