Thursday, December 29, 2005

Where the Heck Have I Been..........

Well, it seems that, like many others of you, I caught the blogging doldrums. I think it's the time of year: too many things to do, too many details to attend to, not enough time to think; something had to give, and it was the writing.

And appropriately enough, a person whose blog I read occasionally asked a very related question: What is your reason for blogging?
(I do so love to steal ideas from other people's blogs)

So then, a pause to think....................................................I guess I blog because (sometimes) I really want to write, and this is a great medium to do so. There's always the chance that someone might read it, but none of the hassle of actually trying to publish. What is it with us humans, that we have such a need to leave/share something of ourselves, to try to get other people to understand us? True, we're all unique in some way - but in other ways we're so much the same. There must be a billion other people out there thinking much the same thing as me.


I did finish my hubby's gray sweater in time for Christmas, and he did love it. But I haven't gotten around to photo-ing it. Furthermore, I still haven't figured out how to crop the pictures properly so that they fit better in the blog. I really need a kid to show me how to do these things.

I've posted some sock pictures, but can't seem to fit them where I want to in the blog. (That's them above) They just go into the top portion, and I don't know how to put them anywhere else. (And I can't seem to do even this much from my home computer, since I have dial-up) Why do we get so much dumber as we get older?? (For Christmas, someone gave me a used MP3 player - not an ipod, but it works nicely. And I can't figure out how to work that damn thing either!)

As you no doubt can see, they're kids' socks. I really liked knitting those socks, and now I'm making a baby hat with the same yarn. Cute.


I'm reading The Princes of Ireland by Edward Rutherfurd. Many years ago I read Sarum by him and I loved it. I tried reading London, but got lost in the middle. One day I'll go back to it. I do enjoy Rutherfurd's novels. Very historic, but with a story. Duh: historical novel.

Happy New Year to everyone. At last: a holiday whose name we don't have to change or be afraid to say. I hope I can keep at least one resolution next year. More on them resolutions next year.................

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