Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Some Progress

The attempt to finish up old projects is stra(u)ggling along. While I do have progress, it's just a little.

I have a pair of child's socks OTN, knitted from KnitPicks Dancing, color Tap, 41% cotton, 39% wool, 13% nylon, 7% elastic. What a great value, each 50 gr. ball is 253 yds. I'm making a child's sock, because I wasn't sure how big a sock I'd get out of it. The yarn is nicely stretchy. I love it.

Of all the pictures I took, this one shows the color best. My camera isn't the greatest, so it looks a little fuzzy. But the yarn actually has a tweedy effect to it, combined with the multi-color effect. My favorit thing about this color is it doesn't pool or stripe much. The pattern I'm following is a Child's Sock from Vintage Socks, but I'm making it plain stockinette rather than patterned, because the patterning doesn't show up well with this variegated yarn (duhh). Otherwise, I'm sticking to the pattern as written.

This picture (color not so good) shows how I knit my socks: inside-out. I've been doing this ever since I knit my first sock, and it suits me. I tried knitting them right-side-out, but the needle placement bothers me that way. It just makes much more sense to me my way. And hey, if the sock comes out right, who's to say I'm doing it wrong?

I started this little pair of sock* back in March. Other people can knit socks in a week - I can't. Like a lot of things I start, I got tired of it quickly. But I think I'm gonna try to knit at least a couple of rows on this each day.

See, my problem is, once I get sick of what I'm knitting, I find a real good reason to start something else. (Do you identify???) That's what got me started knitting on this pretty lilac-colored top with some ribbon yarn I had 'layin around' (which means I started something else I didn't like and ripped & re-started somthing else). But more on that when (if) I get some pictures of what I started.

And one of these days I really will publish the list of what I still have OTN. What amazes me most about this list of things is the amount and variety of needles I have & forgot I have!

And lest I forget, I went back & got the close-up picture of the DFS I finished:

It's dark, yes, but at least it's a close up. And if you look really carefully, you might be able to see some of the beads I put on the points. One day I will actually take a picture of it on me.

* I say 'sock' because there's been only one for a long time. It will become 'socks' if I start the second one.

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