Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Getting Back on Track

I've been reading other people's blogs and thinking, 'why don't they post more often?' Uh-oh, (hanging my head) I'm guilty of that too! So I've got to make an effort to get it back together again.

Sure, I was on vacation. But that was from June 30 to July 11. Plenty of time for me to get back after that, right? It's amazing how quickly we can fall into apathy when we stop doing something.

Anyway, here I am making another effort.

Knitting Progress

I haven't finished any one piece of knitting. I do have the baby romper near completion, and have some pictures of how I resolved the tight leg bands. But, given the time of day and the fact that I have to leave work soon, I'll make that project my next post. Here's a picture of the front, just to add some color to the blog:

One reason the baby romper isn't finished is I've been hit really bad with startitis:

1) I started a top with the Elann Collection Esprit variegated, in the free Elann pattern that matches it.

2) I won a beautiful ball of hand-painted yarn in the Sivia Harding knitalong for Diamond Fantasy Shawl; so I'm going to use that to join her knitalong for Hanging Garden Stole, with beads. I ordered the beads today.

3) I got some pretty silver-gray lace wt. to make a pretty stole, and cast on; I'm still not sure if I'll go ahead with that, because once the beads come for my HGS I'll want to cast on for that.

And aside from startitis, I still have socks, tank top, vest, another shawl/stole, a baby blanket, another tank top, on the needles -- OMG, I can't even remember all of it!

OK, time to go home. Hope to be back tomorrow.

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