Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hanging Garden - Getting There!

I have just finished the 11th repeat on my Hanging Garden Lace Shawl! The pattern says there are 12 repeats, and I hope that's true because I'm really looking forward to having this baby done. Sadly, I do not have a picture - again.

I guess joining this UFO ring has been a good thing for me; it's helped me be a little more cognizant of how I need to stop letting things fall to the wayside, and just finish them up. And that goes for other things in my life, not just my knitting.

But I wonder if this is more of a Winter blahs thing? I do find that I tend to hibernate in some ways during the winter: I avoid the phone, I avoid people, I avoid paying my bills, I've even been avoiding my food plan - with the obvious result that I'm going the wrong way in my weight loss quest. Note to self: Get a Grip!

I hope Spring comes on time!

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