Wednesday, February 14, 2007

UFO Work


I haven't been blogging, and I haven't been taking pictures, but I have been working on my Hanging Garden Shawl. I've finished the 10th repeat (of 12) and am on row 16 of the 11th repeat. There are 47 rows to the repeat.

It's getting so long now that I have to fold it up in my lap in order to work on it. Seeing it grow, I'm really feeling good about finishing this up.

I just wish I could knit faster. (Isn't that what all knitters say?) I look around at my stash and imagine the knitting I could do, 'if only'.


Right now I'm reading the 4th book in a series by Sara Donati, the Bonner Family Saga. This is historical fiction. I do love me some historical fiction, especially when it's American wilderness fiction.

I discovered the first one by accident a few years ago, and fell in love with the story line. It supposedly picks up in the time right after the James Fennimore Cooper novel, Last of the Mohicans. The characters in this series are the descendants of his character Hawkeye.

Of course I had to buy all of the series I could find at the time. In order, they are: Into the Wilderness, Dawn on a Distant Shore, Lake in the Clouds, Fire Along the Sky. There's a 5th one - name I can't remember - but it's not in paperback yet. Since all my others are paperback, I won't buy the last one until it's also in paperback. When I have a series, I like them all to be in the same format.

I'm about halfway through, and loving it.

Did anyone read Cormac McCarthy's The Road? I read it in two days. Quite a chilling and easily believable story. His writing makes me want to look up his other novels.

That's all for now, folks. I hope to take some pictures soon to prove that I'm keeping up with the 2007 UFO Challenge.

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