Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back to Blog Another Day

Well, we all know what Road is paved with Good Intentions. I have excuses.....blah, blah, blah. But nobody is really interested. Anyway, I'm here today.

I went to my first Gluten-Free Vendor Fair last Sunday. It was pretty crowded, and there were many vendors. I tasted some pretty good stuff, and I'm sure I must have gained at least a pound. But it was worth it, and I hope to find some of the brands in stores soon. My favorite was a baked manicotti by Ceasar's that should be coming out in December. With all this good stuff to look forward to, I'll never lose any weight!


Well, it's not really knitting, but crocheting. I have finally finished my crocheted Noah's Ark Blanket. And just in the nick of time - the baby shower for my DIL is next week. Here's a shot:

The first picture is the whole finished blanket. And the next picture is the pig I added, because there wasn't one in the pattern, and it's just not right that Noah's Ark wouldn't have a pig. What you can't see from the picture of the blanket is that I stuffed the heads of the animals with fiberfill. It's just so cute I can't stand it. My DIL and my son will love it.

Now I can finally get back to some other knitting. I started a shawl for myself, but that's going to have to take a back seat to another shawl I have to start for another DIL. It's for Christmas, so I should just have time to get it done (I'm a slow knitter).

So another weekend. I think it's supposed to rain most of the time, but my 1 year-old grandson is having a birthday party tomorrow, so rain or shine I'll be there. I made him a cute sweater that I have to photograph before I give it to him, and maybe even after I give it to him. I also got him one of those ride-on cars he can push with his feet - that is if he's started walking yet!

Have a great weekend, despite the weather, whatever you do.

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Karen said...

When I was growing up my father raised pigs. Everyone in my family collects pig stuff now. I love that little piggy on your ark, I could't imagine there not being a pig on there either.