Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Day 8?

I can't keep track any more, I just know today is April 8th, so I guess this should be day 8. It's cold and dreary still here in NYC, not Spring weather at all. But I noticed this morning that the trees have buds on them, they just don't look green yet. I think all we need is some warmer weather - at least in the 50's - and the next time it rains everything should start blooming nicely.

Last night I finally snapped soome pics of the Noah's Ark Baby Blanket I'm making. Here's a shot of the plain background of the blanket. I think the color in these pics is pretty true to what it really is. I've left the yarn attached at the top end just in case I feel it needs to be a little longer after I sew on the boat and animals.
And there it is with the boat - it's not sewn on yet, just laying there to show how it will look. After seeing the picture, I think don't like the door being brown. It doesn't look very happy. I'm going to find another color to make the door. But I love how the portholes came out. This is a cool design, I think once it's finished I'll be pretty happy with it. So will my DIL.

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