Thursday, July 23, 2009

Can We Say Procrastination?

Wow, I can't believe it's so long since I've been here. Last I posted, there were actually regular season shows on TV that I was watching. And the Betty Crocker cake mixes I was looking forward to? Still not in the stores. Ah well, I'm getting too fat anyway.

Right now I'm thinking about trying to get back in shape (if I ever had one!) and getting healthier. I've made an appointment with a nutritionist (RD) to try to learn how to eat more nutritionally, with taking my gluten-free diet into account. I've had my blood tests, will have a lung x-ray, and next I'm going to make an appointment with my Gastroenterologist to see how the Celiac is progressing (or not).

And I've finally finished reading Younger Next Year for Women, by Chris Crowley & Dr. Henry Lodge. It's a pretty good book, and Dr. Lodge explains very clearly how and why the body ages and they both explain what we can do to age better.

I'd like to try to follow their program, but I'm not sure how I'll begin. They suggest extreme aerobic exercise 4 days a week and weight training 2 days a week, the kind you get by hiring a trainer, working out at a gym, or riding a bike. I don't have a bike, and really can't afford a trainer or most gyms. That's the one drawback to their program: they didn't write it for people who don't have money. They seemed to have focused on wealthy people. Well, of course - Chris is a retired lawyer and Harry is a doctor.

But I know this is something I have to do. I know I'm going to be older next year, but if I can take care of myself I may be able to be older in a younger way.

Life Goes On

In the meantime, life has been happening. My 20th grandchild was born on June 5th, little Mary Elizabeth. I just saw her again last weekend, and she's a real cutie. This picture was taken the day she was born. She's much bigger and cuter now.

This is the baby I made the Noah's Ark Blanket for. Mom & Dad really love it. I don't remember if I posted a picture of it, but maybe I will soon.

And the rest of my knitting is coming along slowly. Right now I've started work on a shawl for my DIL for Christimas. I'd like to promise pictures, but I know how I forget to do these things.

That's all folks!

(edited 7/27 to add picture link to Noah's Ark Blanket)

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